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Some tips for revision
Following are revision techniques that have been tried and tested since my school days and my tutees found them useful too over time. I hope you find it helpful.
1.Repeat, Repeat, Repeat
Repeating things is the best way to remember. You should go over the same things over a...

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The second part of the post "some tips for revision" due to some technical limitation
5.Cover and write
When it comes to pure memory, this is very effective. I cover up my notes and write down what’s there. It’s a simple way of finding of how much you know (and remember)."

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Organic Chemistry at A level :
Converting one molecule into the other is an art of organic chemistry but a nightmare for A level students. Students moving from GCSE to A level chemistry feels that they have seen a ghost when they come across conversion, reaction mechanism and reaction pathway.


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Intermolecular forces are the forces (IMF) of attraction mainly in the SIMPLE MOLECULAR STRUCTURE ( yes, it need little shouting :- as quite often student apply the concept to explain melting characteristic of Giant covalent/Ionic and metallic lattice which is not true). IMF decide state of matt...

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It's always exciting to teach spectroscopy techniques. If it seems horrible and scary, let me try to change your opinion about IR, Mass and NMR (proton and 13C) spectroscopy. I run intensive course periodically to cover all aspect of A level Chemistry. Contact for more details.

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Same molecules ? They are mirror image of each other and non superimposable causing optical isomerism. Each molecule (known as single optical isomer) may have different physiological effect- one may act as a drug while other shows adverse effect on the body. Mixture of optical isomers as product ...

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Diamond structure- One of the toughest material known to mankind, Diamond for ever !!! very true in the sense that it requires high amount of energy to break the structure due to covalent bonds between carbons in giant tetrahedral lattice.

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9 months ago
Dr Sandip has not only taught me to understand Chemistry but I’ve grown to really enjoy the subject! With his knowledge, guidance and truly amazing support my grades have improved significantly since the start of sixth form and I have achieved an A* at Edexcel A-level Chemistry, securing a place for Veterinary Medicine at University. So, if you are in any doubt at all about which Chemistry tutor to choose, do not hesitate, choose Dr Sandip.
- Charlotte F
9 months ago
Sandip is an outstanding tutor. He is extremely knowledgeable, precise, organised, reliable, dedicated and highly supportive. He uses an array of methods and resources to explain concepts, and to test, embed and further his students' understanding. With the benefit of his tutoring, my son has achieved A* for his A Level Chemistry, securing his place to study medicine. I am extremely grateful to him and recommend Sandip without reservation!
- c g
a year ago
Dr Sandip always provides the highest level of tutoring and teaching in every lesson. His teaching is comprehensive and thorough, ensuring that there are no gaps in knowledge across the whole course. He is always well-prepared for lessons and is punctual. His detailed and extensive notes and resources help to simplify complex concepts. Dr Sandip's teaching covers both content as well as exam technique, which I found extremely beneficial to further my understanding and improve my grade. Not only does Dr Sandip provide great teaching, but he also provides great support as well. During periods of stress, his advice and support largely helped me to handle exam nerves. With Dr Sandip's teaching, I was able to achieve an A* in OCR B Chemistry with 96%, helping me to confirm my admission into UCL for medicine. I would highly recommend Dr Sandip to anyone studying A level chemistry, and thank you sir for tutoring me!
- Haashim A

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